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4 Months (Target NEET - 2022)



4 Months (Target NEET - 2022)


Studying in 12th or 12th Passed Students

Course Description

The key resulting factor for a student to achieve desired success in the prestigious NEET | Advance Examination is to develop the right examination writing skills coupled with continuous evaluation of self under the pre-set examination pattern by simulating the examination environment. Bansal AITS provides students with the right mix of questions in well-spaced tests and an opportunity to compete with the best potential rankers across the nation further helping in building the right aptitude and test temperament.

Bansal Classes Test Series portal offers the following types of courses both at center i.e. sit down test mode & at Postal mode. The course offerings are provided for NEET UG:

Salient Features of Test Series Courses:

  • Examination Pattern Relevant Quality Question Bank.
  • Hints and Solutions.
  • Test Analysis with All India Ranking.
  • Most Appropriate Examination Simulation Tool.
  • Increase Speed along with Accuracy thereby making students more confident to approach tests with a positive mindset.
  • Develops Test Taking Aptitude and Temperament.


Schedule of Test Series:

1 26-12-2021 11th complete syllabus PCB
2 02-01-2022 11th complete syllabus PCB
3 09-01-2022 12th complete syllabus PCB
4 23-01-2022 12th complete syllabus PCB
5 06-02-2022 12th complete syllabus PCB
6 27-02-2022 NEET Full syllabus  PCB
7 13-03-2022 NEET Full syllabus  PCB
8 27-03-2022 NEET Full syllabus  PCB
9 03-04-2022 NEET Full syllabus  PCB
10 10-04-2022 NEET Full syllabus  PCB
11 17-04-2022 NEET Full syllabus  PCB
12 24-04-2022 NEET Full syllabus  PCB
13 26-04-2022 NEET Full syllabus  PCB
14 28-04-2022 NEET Full syllabus  PCB
15 30-04-2022 NEET Full syllabus  PCB

Admission Processs

Through BOOST to be held on 30-01-22 , . The test will be objective and syllabus is Science and Maths of Class IX and X Board.

Syllabus and Sample Test Paper for BOOST

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