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1 Year During Class XII (Target JEE - 2025)


1 Year During Class XII (Target JEE - 2025)


Class XI to XII Moving Students

Course Description

As you approach the completion of Class XI or have just concluded it, with aspirations of becoming a distinguished Engineering professional through renowned institutions like IITs and Medical Colleges, our dedicated guidance is here to lead your way. In the upcoming Class XII, our focus revolves around comprehensively covering the PCM syllabus, aligning with the targeted preparation for IIT-JEE. While the Class XI PCM content won't be addressed separately, it will be seamlessly integrated through Daily Practice Problems (DPPs), ensuring a holistic understanding. This meticulously designed course is crafted to equip you earnestly with the essential strategies needed to confront the challenges of IIT-JEE  head-on as you approach the culmination of Class XII. 


COURSE CLASS FEE 1st Inst. 2nd Inst.
NUCLUES FOR JEE XI TO XII MOVING 1,51,040/- 1,05,728/- 45,312/-

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Through BOOST to be held on 17-03-24 , . The test will be objective.

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