Q 01 : Does Bansal Classes offer any Correspondence Course for JEE preparation and Pre-medical?

Ans. Yes, Bansal Classes offers Correspondence Course- Achiever's Comprehensive Course (ACC) for IIT-JEE 2016-17 aspirants and Pre-Medical 2016-17

Q 02 : What courses are offered through Correspondence by Bansal Classes?

Ans. Bansal Classes offers three different courses through Correspondence. They are-

Q 03 : Is Achiever's Comprehensive Course (ACC) available for IIT JEE 2017 or 2018?

Ans. Both, the ACC course is available for JEE 2017 as well as 2018. The Fundamental Postal package which comprises of Study Material, Phase Tests and Quiz together with Postal Test Series and Master Problem Package, i.e., the complete Postal package is available for both years.

Q 04 : Is the ACC available in Hindi medium?

Ans. No. ACC is available in English medium only.

Q 05 : What is the last date to enroll for Correspondence Course?

Ans. The enrollments in ACC is open throughout the year But it is always advised to enroll at the earliest so one can prepare for JEE along with school curriculum and perform better in Board too.

Q 06 : What is the Course Fee of ACC?

Ans. Click here to find detail of course fee

Q 07 : Does Bansal Classes offer any Scholarship for ACC?

Ans. Yes. Bansal Classes offers Scholarship, for more detail click here.

Q 08 : What is the admission procedure for ACC?

Ans. Visit our website www.bansal.ac.in, download Application Form online. Take printout and send it along with 2 passport size photographs, attested copies of marks sheet of class X, scholarship document(if any) and attach a demand draft in the name of "Bansal Classes Pvt. Ltd.", payable at Kota, of the course fee applicable and mail it to us.


You may also apply on the plain paper mentioning the course interested in, your name, date of birth, father's name, mother's name, complete postal address, mobile no. along with the same documents and course fee demand draft as mentioned above and mail it to us. Note: Write your name, father's name, mobile no./ telephone no. with STD code on the back of the demand draft.

Q 09 : What is the mode of payment for admission in ACC?

Ans. The student will have to make the Demand Draft of the Course Fee applicable in the name of "Bansal Classes Pvt. Ltd" payable at Kota and send it to our office along with the Application Form. We are in the process of creating the Payment Gateway for Online payment.

Q 10 : Can a student take scholarship for more than one course of ACC?

Ans. Yes. A student can take the benefit of scholarship, if applicable in more than one course of ACC.

Q 11 : Is the Complete package of ACC available for 12th studying or passed student?

Ans. Yes.

Q 12 : Is the Study Material of ACC is same as given to Bansal Classes classroom students?

Ans. No. We do not provide Study Material to our Classroom students; they are only provided worksheets for daily work. For the first time Bansal Classes has launch study material through correspondence for students preparing for JEE. As there will be absence of Teacher to assist students, the study material is exhaustive, relevant and having different difficulty level exercises at the end of each chapter and is written in easy to understand language.

Q 13 : How is ACC different from other correspondence course available in the market?

Ans. ACC of Bansal Classes is one of the best Correspondence Courses available in the market in terms of its content quality of theory notes, in-chapter illustrations and different difficulty level exercises after each chapter. The ACC course has been made by the most experienced faculty members of Bansal Classes, who are master of their subjects and have shaped Four AIR-1 Ranker's in the last decade. The ACC is very exhaustive and relevant study material, which is a must for students who target Top Rank in IIT JEE.

The video Solution attached with this package is an added advantage to the students who are at a distant from classroom, You may visit our website for sample solutions.

Q 14 : Does ACC cover the syllabus of all Pre-Engineering exams or just of IIT JEE?

Ans. Yes, the ACC covers the syllabus of majority of Pre-Engineering exams in the country, baring few state Pre-Engineering exams and JEE Main & Advanced where there are few additional topics of Physics and Chemistry in their syllabus, which can be covered from NCERT books.

Q 15 : What will be dispatch schedule of ACC?

Ans. The dispatch schedule of ACC is over the period of two years, as mentioned below. The whole course is divided in 7 parts, which will be dispatched over the period of two years.

First Year
Part 1- August 15, 2016
Part 2- September 15, 2016
Part 3- October 31, 2016
Part 4- December 15, 2016

Second Year
Part 5- April 1, 2017
Part 6- July 1, 2017
Part 7- October 1, 2017

Q 16 : If I enroll for ACC in later months, then will I receive the part of study material already dispatched as per the schedule?

Ans. Yes, even enrolling in later months, you will be dispatched the material in one go, which was already to be dispatched by that time as per the schedule.

Q 17 : Will there be enough questions for practice in the Study Material?

Ans. The whole ACC course is divided into 4 parts. The first 2 parts consist of Study Material with Phase Tests. The study material has solved in-chapter exercises and unsolved 4 different difficulty level exercises with 30 questions in each exercise. After every part, you will be sent Phase Tests containing number of questions exactly on the pattern of JEE for practice to evaluate your learning concepts.

The second 2 parts consist of Postal Test Papers and Master Problem Package. The Postal Test Series will be on the pattern of JEE, for evaluating your rank among larger pools of serious JEE aspirants, which will also indicate your tentative AIR. The Master Problem Package will have selective good profiles of questions on each topic for final polishing of JEE preparation. The whole ACC contains a very large pool of questions, practice of which will be enough for you to cracking IIT JEE with Top Rank.

Q 18 : How is ACC different from good Author Books of different Publications available in the market?

Ans. Some of the Author Books available in the market are good, but majority of them are written by University Professors, who don't have direct teaching experience of JEE aspirants and are vague in contents. The ACC has been written by most experienced teacher of Bansal Classes, who have real JEE teaching experience and have themselves produced AIR-1 Rankers.

Q 19 : Is it better to enroll for complete package of ACC instead of just Postal Test Series or Master Problem Package?

Ans. Yes, it is always advisable to take the whole ACC package instead of part of it for better preparation. The whole ACC will only provide the best balance of developing theoretical concepts and their application through numerical for JEE preparation.

Q 20 : As an ACC enrolled student, will I be allowed to interact with the Bansal Classes Faculties for clearing my doubts? If yes, then how?

Ans. No. It will not be possible to meet the Bansal Classes Faculties as they are extensively engaged in classroom teaching. But, certainly being our student you can always mail you doubts or queries at dlpd@bansal.ac.in and will be provided solutions for the same through mail.

Q 21 : Can you suggest names of good subject Author books for IIT JEE, if I opt for Postal Test Series or Master Problem Package?

Ans. Bansal Classes ACC study material is the best material available in the market for JEE preparation. It is very exhaustive and relevant which has been prepared by the most experienced faculty members of Bansal Classes. If you want to take full advantage of Bansal's expertise for JEE preparation, then it is advisable to opt for Complete Package. But if you want to enroll for Postal Test Series, Master Problem Package or both; then you will have to choose study material according to your own choice.

Q 22 : How many hours do I need to study for JEE preparation?

Ans. For the benefit of our ACC enrolled students, we provide a complete Study Planner as a part of the course, which the student needs to follow, to take full advantage of the course. According to our Study Planner a student must devote at least one and half hour to each subject in a day i.e. four and half hours to all three subjects.

Q 23 : How many questions will be there in the Phase and Postal Test Series Paper?

Ans. The Test Papers of Phase and Postal Test Series will be on the pattern of IIT JEE. As the pattern of JEE is not fixed and keeps changing from year to year, we generally give all possible profiles of questions in the Test Papers, so that students are prepared for them.

Q 24 : Is Master Problem Package available for enrollment right now? If I enroll, when will it be delivered to me?

Ans. Yes, you can enroll for Master Problem Package now also and is open throughout the year. But, delivery of the package will be four to five months before the student will be eligible for IIT JEE. The Master Problem Package is a collection of selected few good profiles of questions which have come JEE in past years and as well as which are likely to come in the future. It is a complete revision package which the student can use in a better way, once the whole theory is completed.

Q 25 : Is there any refund policy for Correspondence Course or Online Test Series?

Ans. No. There is no refund policy of fee for Correspondence Course or Online Test Series. Once the fee is paid it will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Q 26 : If I lose any Study Material Sheet, is there any process through which a new sheet can be issued to me?

Ans. No, if a student loses ant Study Material sheet there is no provision of getting a new sheet issued by Bansal Classes.