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Message from Director


Neelam Bansal

Dear Students, In today’s stiff competitive environment for competitive exams, students face unprecedented challenges, and the opportunity is - a preparatory course at Bansal Classes. This course gives you the tools to meet the challenges of competitive exams and capitalize on new opportunities throughout your career.

I have always believed that excellence in education can make a difference in a person’s world. I would like to express my gratitude for the faith and interest you have shown in Bansal Classes. We believe in cultivating the unique strengths of each individual student. Our sincere efforts have always channelized to create technocrats / Doctors of tomorrow’s world.

We combine up-to-the minutest knowledge with relevant, real competitive exams experiences, and we continually search for new and better ways to deliver course material. We are justifiably proud of our ability to provide students with a challenging, nurturing, and spirited environment. Our dreams have been woven with the rewarding careers of our students. We strive to accomplish this by supporting them in their efforts through contemporary academic programs, practices, qualified faculties, and an efficient administration.

What makes Bansal Classes so singular is that we believe that truth can be arrived at only through hard work. I can assure you that our association will be one of the most cherished decisions of your life. Bansal Classes is a place where you will be challenged to achieve your potential, find support as you shape up your future. I ensure that no stone will remain unturned in the endeavor to ensure you a great career ahead.

Wishing you a very bright future!

Neelam Bansal Director

Bansal Classes, Kota