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1 Year + (4 months for XI) during Class XII (Target JEE - 2025)


1 Year + (4 months for XI) during Class XII (Target JEE - 2025)


Class XI to XII Moving Students

Course Description

The meticulously crafted curriculum of this program is tailor-made for aspiring candidates aiming to excel in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). Its design is strategic, aimed at laying a robust foundation, enhancing conceptual understanding, and refining academic skills. This course emerges as the optimal choice for those seeking not just to navigate the JEE but to thrive within its competitive framework. By providing a comprehensive and immersive learning experience throughout the year, it goes beyond rote memorization, focusing on fostering a deep comprehension of key concepts. Additionally, the course serves as a valuable tool for familiarizing aspirants with the intricacies of the JEE examination pattern. This familiarity proves instrumental in boosting confidence and efficiency during the actual examination. Ultimately, the overarching goal is to facilitate not only success but a mastery of the material, ensuring that aspirants navigate the challenges of the JEE with ease and emerge victorious in their academic pursuits.


COURSE NAME CLASS FEE (incl. GST) 1st Insl. 2nd Insl.
EARLY NUCLEUS FOR JEE XI TO XII MOVING 1,51,040/- 1,05,728/- 45,312/-



  • Structured Academic Planner for 2024-25.
  • Complete Syllabus Coverage of both class 11th and 12th
  • Providing Printed Study Material & Daily Practice Problems.
  • One on One doubt solving support
  • Tests will be conducted as per the new change in the pattern, for better practice of our students

Selection Process

Direct Admission


On the basis of performance in current institute

Admission Processs

Through BOOST to be held on 17-03-24 , . The test will be objective.

Syllabus and Sample Test Paper for BOOST

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