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1 Year after Class XII (Target JEE - 2025)


1 Year after Class XII (Target JEE - 2025)


For 12th Passed/Appeared Students

Course Description

If you harbor lofty aspirations, yearn to touch the stars, and possess the audacity to settle for nothing short of excellence, then you, the XII pass student, are an ideal fit for this transformative course. It's conceivable that you've recognized your inherent intelligence, capabilities, and willpower, yet perhaps you've felt the absence of targeted guidance – the essential insights into the dos and don'ts of IIT-JEE and NEET preparation, as well as an environment that stimulates your intellectual growth.

At this crucial juncture, we extend our helping hand to you. Join us to resurrect your confidence, crystallize your ideas, fortify your academic foundation, and elevate your preparedness to top gear for IIT-JEE and NEET examinations. This course is meticulously designed to address not just academic prowess but also the nuances of strategic preparation. It provides a roadmap to navigate the challenges of these competitive exams successfully. Consider this an invitation to immerse yourself in a learning environment that can confidently assert its equivalence with the best educational offerings across India. Your journey towards academic excellence begins here.

COURSE ELIGIBILTY FEE(Inc. GST) 1st Inslmnt. 2nd Inslmnt.
STERLING FOR JEE XII PASSED 1,51,000/- 1,05,728/- 45,312/-



Stream PHASE 




Admission Mode



JEE (Main + Advanced) I English 2025 12th Passed/ appeared BOOST or Direct 24/04/2024
JEE (Main + Advanced) 2 English 2025  12th Passed/ appeared BOOST or Direct 15/05/2024
JEE (Main + Advanced) 3 English 2025  12th Passed/ appeared BOOST or Direct 05/06/2024
JEE (Main + Advanced) 4 English 2025 12th Passed/ appeared BOOST or Direct 21/06/2024


Scholarship Based on JEE Main 2024

JEE MAIN %tile Scholarship on Tuition Fee Tuition Fee after Scholarship Student Kit Amount

Final Fee (T.F + Kit)

98 & Above  100% 0/- 5999/- 5999/-
90 to 97 90% 14500/- 5999/- 20499/-
85 to 89 75% 36250/- 5999/- 42249/-
80 tp 84 50% 72500/- Nil 72500/-
upto 79 40% 87000/- Nil 87000/-




Student can appear for BOOST Scholarship Test

Admission Processs

Through BOOST to be held on 26-10-24 , . The test will be objective.

Syllabus and Sample Test Paper for BOOST

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One year program fee

BOOST 2024

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Admission open for crash course and Regular classroom Program

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